The lack of maintenance and cleaning in the air conditioner can cause a lot of problems. Preventive maintenance and proper cleaning of the air conditioning equipment helps reduce the emission of pollutants in the environment, decreases the energy consumption of the appliance, increasing its life.

In order to have a good functioning of the air conditioning system, it is important to carry out a regular air conditioner repair program. Preventive maintenance adjusts air conditioners as well as reducing the level of pollutants in an air-conditioned environment, while also increasing the life of equipment and reducing energy consumption.

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Some maintenance can be carried out by the owner, such as cleaning the air filters. They are easy to remove and clean. This cleaning can be done by running water and neutral soap. Replace the filters in the same way in the air conditioner! It is essential that this part is completely clean and dry.

How much does it cost to install air conditioning?

Installing air conditioning can cost anywhere from $600 to $5,500. It depends on the type of unit and the complexity of your situation.

What is the principle of air conditioning?

An air conditioner (AC) in a room or a car works by collecting hot air from a given space processing it within itself with the help of a refrigerant and a bunch of coils. And then releasing cool air into the same space where the hot air had originally been collected. This is essentially how air conditioners work.

Is AC good or bad?

AC won’t do much harm to your health ― but only if the system is monitored closely and wisely. According to a study in the International Journal of Epidemiology, occupants of air-conditioned office buildings reported more symptoms of ill health than those who worked in buildings with natural ventilation.