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911 Plumbing & Electric INC is a locally owned and operated Plumbing, AC & Electric Services in Fresno, CA.

Heating System

You can avoid many of the most common heating system problems by performing regular maintenance or tune-up on your system. The right knowledge and a little bit of effort can go a long way in keeping your HVAC system running efficiently and avoiding future breakdowns. Get a professional tune-up on a yearly basis. By far, the best thing you can do to ensure that your furnace performs to the best of its ability is to schedule a professional tune-up every year. During a tune-up,…

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Electrical Safety Advice for Kids and Their Parents

It’s difficult to imagine our modern lives without electricity. We cook dinner and charge our devices so we can stay connected with the world. When a person comes into direct contact with a source of electricity, the current passes through them, producing a shock. If the current’s voltage is low and the duration of contact short, there may be only minor discomfort. With higher voltage and longer periods of contact, serious injury and even death can occur. Install outlet covers.…


5 Tips to Minimize The Strain On Your HVAC System During The Summer

What effect does opening and closing doors frequently have on your HVAC system? What effect does drafty windows have on your HVAC system? How much strain does it add to your HVAC system if you don’t change your air filters? Do you know 5 tips to minimize the strain on your HVAC system during the summer? The more your air conditioning works to bring down high heat, the more wear it becomes exposed to. If it is not working as…


The Cost of Rewiring a House in Fresno CA

There are times when  you need to rewire your house  completely. Old knob and tube or aluminum wiring can be serious safety hazards. How to rewire the house? What is the cost of rewiring? There are many signs it may be time to rewire your home. For example, they include blown fuses, tripped breakers or lights flickering or burning out quickly. Sparks from an outlet, hot switch plates and loose outlets can also signal trouble. Houses more than 40 years…


Is Solar Power Effective for Your Home?

How effective is solar power? Is it worth the investment to power your home? If you’re considering going solar, these are important questions to think about. After all, solar power is a free and renewable source of energy. The benefits include: 1. Reproducibility Solar energy is a renewable energy source, unlike fossil fuels (non-renewable energy sources) such as coal, oil, gas, which, according to the latest data, can be recovered, but at a very low rate, which in the future…


The Difference Between An Electrician And An Electrical Contractor

Not a lot of people know about the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor. While they are working in similar industries, they have varying roles. Most of the time, electrical contractors are companies or business negotiators who provide electrical services. In these cases, they are responsible for hiring electricians to do the job. They are in charge for any task that requires construction with regard to certain designs, as well as the maintenance of different systems. At one…



How does Customer interest in microgrids has increased. Why? Because of long breaks in the power supply like this happened in New York and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy. Microgrids are attractive to customers with a large, focused load or critical infrastructure that have special needs, not completely satisfied with the current networks. They should have increased reliability, provide service in remote areas or more widely use renewable energy sources.  Using such a combined power supply and protected power grid infrastructure, customers can avoid interruptions in the availability of energy in case almost any…


Top 5 Air Conditioning Tips

Can you live without air conditioning? For most people these days it's hard! But air conditioning uses a lot of electricity. We would like to introduce top 5 air conditioning tips to make your life easier and more comfortable! Like any mechanical system, air conditioners needs a little care to run smoothly. Luckily, AC maintenance includes many tasks you can tackle on your own. What Maintenance Does an Air Conditioner Need? Change your filters! Dirty filters kill your AC's efficiency,…


10 Plumbing Tips Everyone Needs to Know

 Do you know 10 plumbing tips for your comfortable life? Are you dealing with a dripping faucet, low water pressure, or clogged pipe? You’re probably tempted to call a professional plumber, and with good reason. Homeowners usually don’t have the necessary skills for a DIY plumbing job. Know the Location of Shut-Off Valves! Note the location of the main shut-off valve and drain (in some case, before moving into a new home. You should also get acquainted with sewer line…