Commercial Plumbing Services in Fresno

We offer commercial plumbing services to buildings, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, and other structures, in Fresno. 

Commercial plumbing requires more pipes and faucets, toilets and showers, and heating systems. Commercial buildings, like hotels and hospitals, need to provide these facilities to their customers and employees 24/7; therefore, commercial plumbing systems need to be able to support this level of usage. Commercial plumbing work is usually bigger in scope and requires 24/7 availability. 

Commercial plumbing also requires more stringent safety standards, better knowledge of the piping functionalities and ability to solve multiple and diverse types of issues in plumbing. 


At 911 Plumbing & Electric INC, we recognize these special needs and have the qualifications to handle them. With our expertise and skills, and very modern plumbing tools, we have have the capabilities to carry any large commercial project, such as hospitals, hotels, etc. Our main focus is on timely service, high safety standards that are more strict for commercial structures, fair pricing and personal attention.

We provide a wide spectre of commercial plumbing services in Fresno, including: 

  •  Boiler installation and repairs
  •  Water lines
  •  Drains
  •  Water heaters
  •  Plumbing emergency repairs and ongoing maintenance contracts

Commercial plumbing service isn’t just for those unexpected emergencies. For our business customers we can also supply an ongoing plumber for businesses who want to keep on top of their maintenance. This can be useful in ensuring you comply with public liability and Health and Safety requirements, ensuring your business’ ongoing plumbing needs are covered all year round. 

Our Company believes successful projects are based on a healthy and cooperative working relationship between the design team and contractors. We strive to be an active participant with all team members. Our goal is to provide a strong management team throughout both the preconstruction and construction phases. If your commercial building is in need of plumbing repair, installation or maintenance, 911 Plumbing & Electric INC is happy to send one of our service specialists to help you. 

You will always benefit from choosing professionals to take care of your plumbing system, since in the long run, neglecting such services may lead to trouble. 911 plumbing and electrical company offers quality plumbing in Fresno, Sonoma CA and the Bay Area.

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