Sewer Line Cleaning, Replacement & Repair

Sewer Line Cleaning, Replacement & Repair in Fresno, CA

We provide sewer line cleaning, replacement and repair services in Fresno, CA. 

Almost all property owners understand that sewer lines transport wastewater from the home to underground sewer pipes. However, most of the time we do not give much thought to sewer piping until a problem occurs.

When a sewer system has been working away reliably and uncomplainingly for years in a home, it comes as an unwelcome surprise when water drains out of a sink, bath, shower basin or toilet bowl, too slowly.

Some signs that thorough sewer cleaning or unblocking is necessary include water backing up out of a drain, or up the toilet plumbing and back into the bowl. Blocked sewers tend to be unpleasant, so it is best to consult a professional who has the right equipment and expertise to resolve the problem.

At 911 Plumbing & Electric INC, we have the expertise to review the common symptoms of blocked sewers, and we know how best to go about sewer cleaning or unblocking to prevent the problem worsening and to minimize future inconvenience and expense.

Our qualified specialists know what should be done to maintain the structural flow and integrity of your sewer and drain systems.

Sewer and drain systems are underground and out of sight, so it can be hard to diagnose and fix problems when they arise. An amateur attempt could cause lasting damage and leave you with an even bigger mess in your home.

Why risk it? Just call us for a FREE estimate. We’ll let you know what’s wrong with your sewer or drain system and what it will take to repair it. Once we’re done, we provide itemized reporting so that you know exactly what you paid for.

What will we do when you call us. Our experienced drainage engineers will clean 

  • Blocked drainage
  • Blocked toilets
  • Kitchen sink drainage
  • Outdoor drains

When to call in the experts

If you are a homeowner or responsible for managing a building and have noticed unusual symptoms or smells from the drains, it is important to investigate and take prompt corrective action. A drains expert will be able to diagnose and easily resolve the problem.

Prompt action is advisable to minimise health risks and expense in the case of main sewer pipe problems. Conversely, secondary sewer pipe blockages are usually more straightforward to resolve and may, therefore, require less work

Trust our professional service in Fresno, Sonoma CA to handle any problem with the drainage systems cleaning, repairs and routine maintenance. 

 You will always benefit from choosing professionals to take care of your sewage and drainage systems in the long run. 911 plumbing and electrical company offers quality services in Fresno, Sonoma CA and the Bay Area.

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